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or Artist Name - Song Title.MP3
02 HazyDaz.mp3 is unacceptable, but BestBand - HazyDaz.mp3, is fine.

(192k+, we prefer 320k bps)
Naming:dash & underscore, help identify singles
ENSURE whatever is Uploaded begins with ARTIST NAME!i

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(Meta section must include copyright info!)
Quality:preferred bps 320k

FORMAT: Artist_Name_-_Song_Title.MP3 =OR= Artist - Title.MP3

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you agree music is licenced to you and you allow Barbwires rights to freely stream for promotional purposes.

Submission is agreement with Barbwires, terminated at email signed takedown request originating from signed email address, or upload a TEXT file here requesting takedown using origial email address.
You MUST own full rights to the music you Upload.
PODCASTS are not accepted, so save your time, please.
You may also upload single JPG support artwork here. ZIP files should be limited to two photos, and 3 songs, per ZIP. Use name[1].ZIP, name[2].ZIP2, etc. for multiples, to not overlay previous.

We are a promotional service, and operate "at cost", generating no revenue, and have no in-stream ads. We provide twitter announcements for your music, and your marketing information, and make your music available for previewing on a digital medium. In exchange for rights to transmit your music in-stream, we enhance your sales and visibility via promotion. Your submission constitutes agreement. You retain the right to request take down and termination of promotion.