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We accept MP3 WAV ZIP JPG & TXT files
Best submitions are promo kits in a ZIP format

ePK Tips



"LazyDaz.mp3" is unacceptable,
"BestBand - LazyDaz.mp3"
is fine, and submissions without the artist name may be rejected.
"Artist - Title.MP3" <-OR-> "Artist_Name_-_Song_Title.MP3"

We now REQUIRE 320k bps @ 44.1KHz formatted files with METADATA,
Songs below 192Kbps or without metadata in the MP3 file will be rejected!

(Meta section within mp3 files MUST include Artist, Title, date, etc.)

Any and every file Uploaded MUST begin with ARTIST NAME, or they may be rejected.

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be patient, and wait for the black & red "thanks" page. If a RESET occurs, file size is likely too big, use less than 60MB, and break full release kits into numbered multiple parts. IE:, etc.

By uploading, you agree music is licenced to you and you grant Barbwires the right to stream for promotional purposes.

Submission is an agreement with Barbwires, terminated at will by takedown notice, or by uploading a TEXT file here requesting takedown using original email address. You MUST own full rights to the music you Upload! PODCASTS are not accepted, so please save our time. We are a promotional service, and operate "at cost", generating no revenue. We provide twitter announcements for your music, and can present your sales link info or custom message. Your submission constitutes agreement. You retain all rights to your music and may request a take down & termination of promotion, at any time.