Barbwires spoke with HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN (SA), about release

Melodic Power Metal from Brazil is presented by the septet HEAVEN’S GUARDIAN, already active since 1997. Through Pure Steel Promotion we distribute the actual, already third album "Signs", which has some bombastic tunes on it. Rough male vocals of Flávio Mendez unite with the melodic and dramatic female voice of Olivia Bayer, heavy guitar riffs meet up with keyboards and powerful doublebass drumming. Recommended for all fans of bands such as Angra, the (Opera) Metal master Nightwish and also bands like Brainstorm and Mystic Prophecy.

Personnel Line Up:

Flávio Mendez - Vocals
Olivia Bayer - Vocals
Luiz Maurício - Guitars
Ericsson Marin - Guitars
Everton Marin - Keyboards
Murilo Ramos - Bass
Arthur Albuquerque - Drums

We spoke with Ericsson Marin and Everton Marin from Heaven's Guardian about "Signs", a new release available in January 2017

From their 1997 start, heavy driving bass and integral drums have defined "Heaven's Guardian" Hard Thrash Melodic sound! Murilo with Arthur re-define that tradition & power with a fresh line-up of intensity, integrating massive guitars and keys. Addition of two vocalists refines the unit into a precise metal delivery machine. Our review: "Powerful precious metal"

Very busy with their January 2017 release, HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN took time out to discuss the many questions we had about this fantastic work, and we are sharing several of those here:

Q1. For the uninitiated and unacquainted listener, what characteristics would you say are your most interesting and unique aspects of your music & style?

There are some notorious characteristics of Heavens Guardian that can be easily observed in most of the compositions. The guitars and bass riffs in the verses are heavy and of great rhythmic alternation, which is filled with the aggressiveness of vocals. In the bridges, the band always works a little bit more the melody, using for example, different lines of backing vocals. But the choruses are the main hallmark of Heaven's Guardian. They are always melodic with many vocal lines, but also heavy. The guitars' duos, always present in the bands' compositions, have a clear relevance in the arrangements. However, with the new line up, they have also included the keyboard many times, which produces rich melodic and harmonic trios.

Q2 How did the band form, was it an enhanced core with new members, lifelong friends, or part of a focused production effort to build a sound, and is there any one member who stands out as the driving force behind the band?

The band has started back in 1997, releasing the first cd "Roll of Thunder" in 1999, which drew attention from various labels. It was actually a project formed by lifelong friends, more precisely Luiz Mauricio (guitar), Ericsson Marin (guitar), Carlos Zema (vocal) e Alexandre Salino (drums). This line up has produced two more albuns, ?Strava? in 2001 and D.O.L.L. in (2004). They also released the DVD "X Years On The Road ?Live At Gyn Arena", which celebrated ten years on the road. In this event, they had the largest audience for a Rock group at Goi?nia Arena Stadium with 4 thousand people present in May 7, 2005. Then, It took basically 10 years for the band to produce a new full album that could gather everything they desired when they passed through radical changes in 2013. With the addition of new players and two singers, new possibilities were open. Now, Ol?via Bayer and Fl?vio Mendez (vocals), Ericsson Marin and Luiz Maur?cio (guitars), Murilo Ramos (bass), Arthur Albuquerque (drums) and Everton Marin (keyboards) present the album Signs. The two guitar players are still the original ones since 1997, moving the band forward .

Q3. What are your current tour plans for North America or is Europe in the works.

The band is preparing the first tour around U.S. for 2017. So far, the states included are Arizona, Texas and maybe California. The former singer has been living in Texas since 2008, when he left Brazil to integrate new projects. In addition, one of the guitar players, Ericsson Marin, is also living in the U.S. (Phoenix), which can facilitate a nice tour for the region. As the band has just signed a contract with the German Laber called Pure Steel Records, Europe is also in our plans. We are analysing some Booking agencies to set up a tour in Germany, England, Austria and other countries in Europe.

Q4. Are you currently pursuing signing 2017 festival appearances, and which are currently on tap for the summer?

The main festival in mind for the time being is Rock in Rio 2017, that is going to happen in September. Summer festivals in Europe are also in mind.

Q5. I found your music very refreshing, melodic, joyful and beautifully majestic is this a style to expect from a next release, or is that getting ahead too much?

Thanks for your appreciation!!! We are still promoting SIGNS this year and probably the next one. However, there is already a potential huge and audacious work coming in 2017. The band is preparing a DVD with a real Symphonic Orquestra, something that would burst our career as never before.

Thanks so much for your time, Eddie

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