Items to add to ZIP Electonic Press Kit
  • Bio with background on band and members
  • Private or other Label affiliation
  • Band/Artist Site Landing Page Link
  • Point of Music Purchase Site Link
  • Spotify Link
  • Social Accounts
  • Cover Artwork
  • Band or Artist Photos
  • MP3s of Music for Promotion

  • Suggestions
    Use a PDF format for your Band/Artist BIO.

    Place all links for Label, Band/Artist Page, and Point of Purchase in a PLAIN TEXT file
    Indicate the preferred location link for point of purchase or band landing page, indicate only one, tweets are size constrained. Be sure to include your spotify URL in the text file, like:
    Ex:**Your Artist Spotify Code**

    Also include the Document Author email at the bottom of the text file for clarifications on missing or unclear entries.

    Sample FORMAT:
    Please include the following information:
    Artist Label:
    Artist URL:
    Point of Purchase Music Site 1 URL:
    Point of Purchase Music Site 2 URL:
    Preference: BAND OR P.O.P. Link
    Spotify URL:
    Author eMAIL:

    If you do not have a BIO PDF for band/artist, then you can include in text format, a short "Bio:" portion to your INFO TEXT File, including members, releases, and background.

    Thanks for your submission! -Eddie & Barbwires

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