Barbwires.Com Promotion

As a member of a family of about 50k broadcasters, Barbwires is 1/2 of what was Radiostorm, who netcast radio in 1998, was first to broadcast to cell phones in 1999, and shortly after, assigned station position #1 on the first set-top NetRadio hardware, and we partnered with Atlantic Records, who's parent company AOL bought the underlying broadcast software in 1999. In the next couple of years, Google bought leading advertizing companies and drove the ad impression rate down to a fraction of what it once was, and in 2004, even with 2 million monthly listeners, Radiostorm could no longer survive, ASCAP, BMI, and RIAA demanded more than the ad rates could support and we closed.

We do make some choices, from time to time, to include selected Artists into our station playlists. What that means is we take music, cover art, ID3 data, BPM, and such and load it into the stations support system. We partner with musiciansand labels, every element is covered, including royalties. We are a promotional service and stream rates support promotional cost of selected direct artists, excluding National Artists for which we pay $0.0001 per stream per listener via SoundExchange. Selected bands music included into playlists is promoted and we want to make sure every band is poised to grow and engage new interest. Please seek out direct physical access to music purchase from artists or labels directly.